About Us

APP Operates in an Untapped Market Sector

  • Our typical property costs between $2MM to $50MM and has 25 to 250 apartments.
  • This is too big for most individual investors and too small for most institutions.
  • Properties are acquired for approximately 60% of replacement cost, i.e. 40% discount versus developing.
  • This sector selection has enhanced our LPs’ returns and reduced their risk.

Benefits to our Limited Partners

  • Andover Property Partners is an equity investor in the properties, aligning our interests with those of our Limited Partners.
  • Our LPs enjoy the ease of partnering with one company that handles every aspect of identifying, acquiring, and owning properties.
  • Our LPs are insulated from the burdens of owning a property by themselves.
  • LPs partner with an experienced owner/operator who has a proven track record – our results evidence our abilities.

Track Record and Our Experience

  • Historical annual cash-on-cash returns paid to our LPs has been 14.5%*.
  • True economic returns are several percentage points higher due to mortgage principle pay down and the tax benefits from depreciation.
  • Our properties have always appreciated after we raise rents.
  • The potential of cash out refinancing may expedite and magnify the LPs’ returns.

*No representation of guaranteed returns has been made. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.