Our System

Identify Target Properties

Every day we search for suitable properties

  • Our track record of successfully transacting has made us the “first phone call” with local brokers, allowing us to buy properties before they go to the open market and garner higher prices

Analyze Financials


Quantitative financial analysis is the first filter

  • Analysis of 100 properties identifies 10 potential targets

Site Visit and Inspection


Our inspection serves as the second filter

  • We inspect the entirety of the property, the neighborhood, and the current tenant base to identify opportunities and red flags
  • Those 10 potential properties are then filtered down to 2 or 3 targets

Due Diligence

Documented verification of EVERY financial number presented to us from the seller

Secure Financing

Network of local and national lenders who offer us favorable terms

  • Repeat business with familiar lenders

Acquire Properties

APP negotiates the Purchase & Sale and manages all deliverables in order to close

  • Properties acquired at a discount of roughly 40% to replacement cost

Renovate and Reposition


Maximize Property Value

  • Make suitable and cost effective improvements
  • Long-standing network of local contractors and suppliers at favorable rates

Management Services


Managing our properties provides us with hands on knowledge and control

  • Limited Partners are sheltered from the responsibilities of direct real estate ownership with which other investors struggle
  • Knowing our tenants means better tenant-related decisions